The Best and Most Stunning Beaches in Kenya

The Best and Most Stunning Beaches in Kenya: Kenya is a fantastic destination for beach-seekers, with many beautiful spots along its coastline. The shores of Kenya is dotted with dazzling tropical beaches, each with its own character. From the mainland, through the creeks, to the islands, there’s plethora of sandy shores, and spectacular views to pick from. Here are top Most Beautiful Beaches in Kenya.

1Diani Beach

Diani Beach is arguably the most popular and beautiful beach in Kenya. Diani Beach has a radiant appeal like no other renowned for its coral-reefs, widespread lush vegetation beautifully contrasting with the white, powdery beaches and the turquoise water. Diani beach is a delightful location for swimming as well as surfing. The Colobus Conservation, and the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest, are there for the no-water sports enthusiasts.



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