5 of the Best Nigerian Fashion Influencers on Instagram

Best Nigerian Fashion Influencers on Instagram

The Nigerian Fashion industry has grown and garnered a lot of attention of fashion and style lovers from within the country and also abroad. This couldn’t have been possible without the effort, creativity and sense of style at which Nigerian fashion influencers style and curate fashion pieces through their social media platforms and appearances. Most brands today depend on influencers to use and review their products and services so as to help create massive awareness to the general public in other to attract consumers to purchase their products and items. From Steven Onoja to Noble Igwe, here’s a selection of 5 of the best Nigerian fashion influencers on instagram to follow.

Noble Igwe

Nigerian Fashion Influencers on Instagram: Noble Igwe
Noble Igwe – © noble_igwe/instagram

Noble is no doubt one of the most influential fashion and lifestyle blogger Nigeria has ever produced. He’s been seen styling both African and western outfits to taste with extreme and total class. He recently launched his very own fashion brand “Tribes by Nobs” where he produces ready to wear male African inspired outfits from Ankara pants to dashiki long sleeved and sleeveless tops. He has worked with A list fashion brands within Nigeria such as Mai Atafo, Yomi casual, Reves clothing, Lolu, orange culture amongst many other notable brands.

Zina Anumudu

Nigerian Fashion Influencers on Instagram: Zina Anumudu
Zina Anumudu – © ozinna/instagram

Ozinna as she is popularly known as by her social media handle is a fashion goddess on her own who styles everything from African inspired dresses to western clothing such as jumpsuits, shift dresses and many others which sometimes come in African inspired fabrics. She happens to be many female Nigerian fashion lovers’ go to person for style and fashion inspiration as a result of her exquisite taste of fashion and combination of accessories and colors. Ozinna is also the founder of popular Nigerian creative brand consulting company “The Style Concierge” which caters to the needs of brands and their development.

Sharon Ojong

Nigerian Fashion Influencers on Instagram: Sharon Ojong
Sharon Ojong – © sharonojong/instagram

Sharon is one of the best multi talented fashion blogger and influencer within Nigeria who specializes in personal styling and creative direction for fashion brands. Her exquisite taste and love for fashion is one that we admire so much and can’t get enough of her. Asides from her being an influencer, Sharon also offers her services to brands that needs business and personal brand assessments which she does effortlessly.

Steven Onoja

Nigerian Fashion Influencers on Instagram: Steven Onoja
Steven Onoja – © stevenonoja/instagram

Exquisite style and fashion connoisseur, Steven Onoja has claimed a spot in the list of the best dressed and most influential fashion curators within Nigeria and abroad. He’s been spotted multiple times styling African inspired outfits and fabrics to taste into suits and other creative styles. His passion and love for fashion can be seen through his social feeds as he spotlessly nails down his every outfit to full details. He is also a creative consultant and also a professional photographer.

Denola Grey

Nigerian Fashion Influencers on Instagram: Denola Grey
Denola Grey – © denolagrey/instagram

Known for his clean cuts and suits and ties, Denola Grey has gained the love and affection of most fashion lovers within Nigeria from male to female. He is mostly seen wearing pieces of well tailored suits and pants as well as well cut shirts and combination of shorts to fit. His creativity in the art of styling and knocking off each piece of clothing he wears both African inspired and western has got him to work with the best people and brands within Nigeria such as Jumia fashion, orange culture, magic of Lagos and Uber Nigeria. Did we forget to mention that he’s also a media presenter and a fashion consultant.

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