6 Amazing Places to Visit in Kinshasa, DR Congo

Lola ya Bonobo - papymulamba/flickr

Kinshasa is the capital and the largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is also the world’s largest Francophone urban area (recently surpassing Paris in population). Residents of Kinshasa are known as Kinois. The indigenous people of the area include the Humbu and Teke. Kinshasa is a city you experience rather than observe. Congolese life is one lived through with chaos, music and a lust for life that is as infectious as it is overwhelming.

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On recovery from  horrific civil war.

Kinshasa streets are bigger, faster and louder.

Kinshasa has a flourishing music since which since the 1960s has operated under the patronage of the city’s elite, and people have long loved, cried, lived, and danced to the rhythms of Congolese beats. A pop culture ideal type in Kinshasa is the mikiliste, a fashionable person with money who has traveled to Europe. La Sape, a linked cultural trend also described as dandyism, involves wearing of flamboyant clothing.

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Musée National de Kinshasa

An awesome ethnographic archive comprising of over 45,000 objects has been waiting patiently for its new home. The National Museum of Kinshasa is a museum of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This city was founded in 1970 and located in the commune of Gombe.

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National Museum of the Congo, Kinshasa – Russell Watkins/flickr

Lola ya Bonobo

Lola ya Bonobo is the world’s only sanctuary for orphaned bonobos, located at the south of the suburb of Kimwenza at the Petites Chutes de la Lukaya, Kinshasa. The bushmeat trade in Congo sees hundreds of bonobos killed each year for meat and the infants are sold as pets. When confiscated, these infant bonobos are taken to Lola ya Bonobo.

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Lola ya Bonobo – papymulamba/flickr

Lac de Ma Vallee (Africa Park Adventures)

Great bodies of water, very fresh and echo nature attraction. You’ll love the freshness of the place, very natural. Super relaxing and fun for spending beautiful moments far from the chaotic life of the city.

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Lac de Ma Vallee – Rachel Howard/flickr

Jardin d’Eden-kinshasa

Jardin d’Eden is a restaurant and music bar by the shores of the Nsele river. There is a really relaxing atmosphere here. You can eat, listen to the live band playing Congolese classics, and also take a boat on the river Nsele.

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Le jardin d’eden – Pierre Helou/flickr

Symphonie des Arts

This great city also has a nice cultural touch. At Symphonie des Arts, you can enjoy the handcrafts and pictures displayed. The arts are well refined and representing the cultures of the people. This places gives a nice touch to the city.

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Symphonie des Arts – Pinterest

(Le Grand marché) Marché Central

The Big Market, also called the Central Market, is the biggest market in the DR Congo. This is one of the largest markets in Central Africa, and is worth visiting.

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Le Grand marché – Forum des As



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