Ghanaian Foods You Should Know And Try

Ghanaian cuisine

Ghanaian Food: Ghana in west Africa is known to have some seriously mouthwatering and very popular African recipes in the continent. Read on to discover 4 Ghanaian foods everyone should try when in Ghana.

Banku and tilapia

Banku is a staple Ghanaian food and it is quite easy to prepare, by using corn dough and cassava dough and water depending on the thickness you want. Grilled tilapia is delicacy among Ghanaians, and it really complements banku. This dish is a national dish of Ghana.

popular Ghana foods: Banku and tilapia
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Boiled yam/plantain with Kontomire stew

This Ghanaian food is a highly nutritious Kontomire stew made from boiled tender cocoyam leaves, salted fish and boiled eggs, and goes perfectly with boiled yams, plantains and avocado. Always served with boiled yam or plantain, but you could do both at same time.

popular Ghana foods: Kontomire stew


This Ghanaian food usually sold as a snack or side dish all over Accra, Kelewele is an instant favourite among those that try it. It is fried soft plantains that have been soaked in peppers, ginger and garlic marinate. Kelewele is savoury peppery. It is one of the most popular ghana foods.

Ghanaian cuisine: Kelewele
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Waakye is a Ghanaian food of cooked rice and beans. This meal is served with other sides such as fried plantain, garri, spaghetti and avocado. It is considered one of the best ghanaian foods.

Ghanaian cuisine: waakye

Ghana girl say she wan marry me o I hope say she sabi cook Waakye” – Runtown

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