Press Release: HUNGRYNG.COM Announces Corporate Rebranding
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Press Release: HUNGRYNG.COM Announces Corporate Rebranding

HUNGRYNG.COM (, underwent a comprehensive corporate rebranding. Still operational as a travel resource firm, the rebranding consisted of: a new name corporate brand name, same slogan, and same focus for the company – promote culture and tourism in Africa. Completing the execution, the company revealed its new name as Dream Africa (, with the same slogan: Your Ultimate Guide to Africa.

The rebranding reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future. With this corporate rebranding, Dream Africa is focusing exclusively on promoting Africa as the number one destination in the world, which have always been its core strength. Dream Africa’s new branding further enables the company to stand out in the emerging and developing tourism markets where Dream Africa will create location-centred stories around Africa to help travellers decide where to go and attractions to see, for fulfilling journeys.

About Dream Africa

Dream Africa is African startup operating in travel, media and entertainment – a travel resource that covers destinations all around Africa. We want to inspire and take people beyond the breathtaking places in Africa you’ve seen in magazines and on social media, but have always wanted to experience for yourself.

Africa’s Best Destinations

Looking for ideal travel destinations for your dream holiday? We share advice on attractions in best destinations around Africa, and offer tips and ideas for a fulfilling trip. The Dream Africa is the people’s travel guide to discovering and exploring the Africa’s stunning landscapes, authentic nature and wildlife.

Food and Drink

Travel Africa with the Dream Africa for the best of city living with advice on food, restaurants, cafes and bars, and of course, recipes! Get inspired to explore the best of African cuisine, a fine selection of global cuisines and healthy recipes and tips. Find your everyday cooking recipes and up your cooking game with our simple step-by-step recipes, you’ll want to try!

Where to stay

Tourists flock Africa year-round, so it’s little wonder that the continent boasts a range of elegant hotels, Airbnbs and all-inclusive resorts. But if you’re looking for more affordable and unique accommodation ideas and tips, Dream Africa have plenty to offer. There is so much to discover in Africa.

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We wish you wonderful holidays and experiences in Africa!