The 10 Best Chill Spots in Abuja

The 10 Best Chill and Hangout Spots in Abuja
BluCabana Restaurant & Cafe, Abuja. © Isoken Ogunbor

Life in the ‘buj’ as it is fondly called by some of its residents can be sometimes very busy with all the work and hustle going on. However, the people who live there understand the concept of taking some time off to relax, and that is why there are a lot of fun spots and places to cool off in the capital city of Nigeria. Whether you are a live there or you are a visitor, you will be happy with the list of the best chill and hangout spots in Abuja. We have compiled for you 10 Abuja best spots – these spots are luxury comfort and affordable! Explore with us.

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1. Millennium Park 

places to visit in abuja
Pools and fountains in the park. © Kingabizzy/Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in Abuja. If you are looking to enjoy the very best of nature and a serene atmosphere, then this place is for you. Some people call it the most romantic place in Abuja, where you and your partner can come and just enjoy the peace and tranquility in the park. It is a very big space that accommodates a lot of people on a daily basis especially during the weekends. If you are looking for the place to have a picnic with your family and loved ones, then this is the right place for you. Entrance into the park is free, so all you need is your mat or blanket, few things to munch on, and your phone or camera, oh yeah it is very picture worthy!

2. The Trukadero Place

places to hang out abuja - The Trukadero Place
Family day out at the Trukadero Place. © TRUKADERO/Instagram

This is your one stop for bowling activities. So if you’re all about that life, this is the place for you. The best thing about this place is that it also has some other side attractions just incase you are just not into bowling. They have other games like snooker and board games; they also have an amusement park as well as a restaurant, it is left for you to choose whatever you feel up to.

Address: 130 Ademola Adetokunbo Cres, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria

3. Blake Resort

Located at Mohammed Bello way, garki, Blake resort gives you the most fun and exciting outdoor experience that you won’t forget in a hurry. Situated in a very serene environment, this is the best part for your hangouts, picnics and all round relaxation with your friends and family-even your foes will love this place because of the tranquility that surrounds it.

Address: 1346 Ahmadu Bello Way, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria

4. Arts and Crafts Village

The 10 Best Chill Spots in Abuja
Scene at the Abuja Art And Craft. © Travelstart

The Abuja arts and crafts village is another place that experiences a large number of visitors and tourists. The representation of the diverse cultures, the artifacts, symbols, arts and the crafts makes it a very unique place to visit. The stores are in form of traditional huts with thatched roofs and wooden windows, showcasing the indigenous culture of the Nigerians. There are several artworks up for sale in the market, things like pottery, paintings, fabrics, local jewelries, leather works, etc. if you are a lover of African art and culture; this is one place you must visit during your stay in Abuja. The arts and crafts village is located in the central business district just behind silverbird galleria.

5. Jabi Lake Mall

Sky view at the Jabi Lake Mall. © Stiksphoto

In the absence of a beach in Abuja, the Jabi Lake Mall provides its inhabitants with that aquatic sort of experience. Named after its location, the lake is another place that is of great interest to visitors. Not only do you get to chill by the lakeside, there are also offers of a boat cruise, canoe rides as well as horse rides. Whether you want to sit by the lake or go into the mall, this place has got you covered.

Address: Jabi District, Bala Sokoto Way, Jabi, Nigeria

6. Blucabana Lounge

places to visit in abuja
BluCabana Restaurant & Cafe, Abuja. © Isoken Ogunbor

The Blucabana lounge is one of the most beautiful and popular relaxation spots in Abuja. With a restaurant, a spa, gym, swimming pool and club, the lounge offers its multi-hospitality range of services in a very safe and secure location away from all the hustle of the city. It also has an indoor and outdoor kid’s playroom, so the little ones are not left out in all the fun. This super spot for every age group is a place for friends, family or even some me-time. It is located at mabushi district within the city.

Address: 1322 Shehu Yaradua Blvd, Mabushi, Abuja, Nigeria

7. Magic Land Abuja

 Best Chill Spots in Abuja - Magic Land Abuja
Magicland, Abuja. © Amarachi Ekekwe/Instagram

Formerly known as Wonderland, the Magic Land Abuja is an amusement park that is suitable for everybody. With its leisure gardens used for relaxation, rides and games for different ages, this is definitely a hotspot in Abuja. Among the younger generation, it is a highly sought after place, but it is definitely not restricted to them alone. This park is suitable for family outings and picnics. It is also very close to the national stadium, so it is pretty easy to locate.

Address: Constitution Ave, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria

8. Thought Pyramid Art Centre

fun places abuja
© Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Abuja.

Founded in 2007 by Jeff Ajueshi, the Thought Pyramid Art Centre has slowly become one of Abuja’s favorite spot for art lovers. This place is notable for collecting, conserving and promoting modern and contemporary art of Africa. The gallery is located at 18, Libreville Street, wuse 2, Abuja. So whenever you pop into Abuja, make sure you schedule a tour round the gallery and appreciate the African culture.

Address: 18 Libreville Cres, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria

9. Dunes Center

great places visit abuja
Dunes Center at night. © Benjamin Jemimah

Picture a building that has a supermarket, luxury apartments, rental halls, an antique gift shop, several boutiques, a pastry shop and a world class restaurant, yes, this is what the Dunes Center is and more! This is one of the most reputed and luxurious shopping malls in Nigeria. Built in 2005, this social hub has been one of the greatest attractions and landmark for residents and visitors who come to Abuja. It is always very busy during vacations and festive seasons because of the number of people that go in and out. It is located at 44, aguiyi ironsi way, maitama, be sure to find your way there and enjoy the dunes experience.

Address: N44 Aguiyi Ironsi St, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria

10. The Waffle Stop Cafe

After its formal launch in 2017, the waffle stop café has crept in to the hearts of all sweet lovers within and outside Abuja. Known for their delicious American style waffles and pancakes, they have been able to climb up to one of the hotspots in Abuja. Located inside the dunes center, they get a lot of visitors daily, even celebrities. They have been able to develop themselves to the extent that everybody wants the waffle stop experience, you should too!

We hope that you have a fun and memorable time in Abuja, have fun!

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