The Growing Skateboarding Culture in Ethiopia

The Growing Skateboarding Culture in Ethiopia
Skating scene in Ethiopia. © Selamta Magazine

Thanks to the Make Life Skate Life, an NGO that helps build skate parks around the world. Skateboarding in Ethiopia has become influential in their youth culture. For young Ethiopians, skateboarding is the closest thing they have flying. Ethiopia Skate, a collective from the capital, are pushing the boundaries of the sport, with vision to connect Ethiopian skateboarders with the worldwide community. And coordinate opportunities for foreign skaters to link up with locals at skate spots around the country. There’s plans for a skate shop on the horizon, and Ethiopia Skate are in talks with the government about building a specialist skate complex.

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Whether you’re a skater or fan, enjoy these exhilarating feeling of skating from the skateboarding scenes from Addis Ababa.


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